Tales of Strays 2022 Lesson Plan Competition

Tales of Strays 2022 Lesson Plan Competition

Description of the competition

As in the previous two years, the Tales of Strays Campaign will mark Stray Animals Day (4 April) with the publication of free online lesson plans similar to the compilation published in 2020 and 2021. Please use them as models (examples of good practice) for your entries.

Submissions that do not conform to the format and quality shown in the 2021 and 2022 compilations will not be accepted.

This year’s compilation will be based on the result of a competition with prizes worth 400 euros divided between the author of the winning entry and two runners-up.

The winning entry prize:

  • 150-euro cash prize
  • 50 euros - The author of the winning entry will pick one of the animals at Stray Planet in Thessaloniki, Greece and sponsor that animal for 5 months, covering some of the animal’s basic needs. As a “sponsoring parent”, they will be receiving regular updates on how their sponsored animal is doing. As part of the programme, the sponsor parent can visit “their” animal at Stray Planet in Thessaloniki and watch their progress.

Runner-up 1:

  • 100-euro cash prize

Runner-up 2:

  • 100-euro cash prize

The winning entries will be selected through a process of blind judging.

All entries submitted which meet the required standards will be edited (if necessary) and included in the Tales of Strays annual publication and uploaded here.


  1. Fill in the form in order to choose one of the topics available.
  2. Deadline for submission is 15 February. Submit your lesson plan to talesofstrays@margaritakosior.com. Follow the guidelines.
  3. 15 February - 1 March – the lesson plans will be judged anonymously based on a set of criteria.
  4. 1 March - 20 March – the authors will work closely with the editors in order to finetune the lesson plans for inclusion in the compilation.

Tips for entrants

  1. Please look at the lesson plans included in the 2020 and 2021 compilations.
  2. Examine the selection criteria carefully and follow the guidelines.
  3. Try out the lesson with your students.
  4. Ask a friend or colleague to proofread your entry before you submit.