Margarita Kosior Storytelling

You can now book a storytelling session with Margarita Kosior, the author of "Toby to the rescue" from the Tales of strays series, based on the story. Since the goal is merely educational, the sessions are free of charge, but you are kindly requested to:

  • Support the animal welfare organisation recommended by us, by asking the participants of the storytelling session in advance to contribute dog/cat food, treats, anti-parasitic ampules, etc. on the day of the session. 
  • Inform the participant of the session where they can purchase the picture book "Toby to the rescue".
  • Cover Margarita's travel expenses.
Every storytelling session with Margarita Kosior (educator and author) is a holistic experience for children aged 5-10 which engages the participants in learning through play and by activating multiple senses. A session can involve:
  • interactive reading of the story
  • role play
  • games
  • songs and chants
  • arts and crafts
  • cooking
  • learning English
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Photo by Magdalena Baca Photography